Studio views

The Crappy Crafters usually meet and make stuff on a rotating basis at our homes.   We somehow eat and then clear the dishes to craft at the dining room table. It would be great to have rooms devoted to crafting, or even a big kitchen table, but none of us do. What every Crapfter needs is a room of her own for crafting. Well, maybe not a room, that’s hard for most people. A corner of a room, a closet … would you believe a suitcase that expands into a crafting spot? If you have a space devoted to your arts and crafts, you are really lucky that you don’t have to clear off the kitchen table to eat. Or eat on top of objets d’art oozing tacky glue. The awkward L-shaped bump in my family room, the one that just collected junk anyway, became my ‘studio’. Having a studio takes away one major excuse not to craft. However, cleaning the studio is always a great means for procrastination. At least cleaning uncovers more stuff to turn into treasures. The studio isn’t big enough for the C2 meetings, but it’s great for one person. Onward, Crappy Crafting!


Drafting table


Inspiration board

Crappy craft card

The card that named us


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