Sock, not Sick, Snow People

The Crappy Crafters reunited last night to magically transform ordinary socks into snowmen. No sewing required – just snip the toe off the sock, tie one end of the main sock with string, stuff with batting, tie another string for the neck, pop the toe part of the sock on its head for a hat, make a scarf and features out of felt or ribbon, and that’s about it. Google or Pinterest the phrase ‘sock snowman’ for examples and instructions. At Crappy Crafters, we don’t follow instructions too closely, so we recommend other sources if you require details. Despite our casual attitude and application of a fair amount of sangria, the results look pretty cute, dontcha think? Wait! Are those snowmen snockered? Autocorrect insists these cute little things are ‘sick’ not ‘sock’ people. What’s up autocorrect?


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Terrarium: first steps

Large glass jar with a lid: layer with gravel, charcoal, sand, moss. Select succulents. Pot in small detergent cups. To be inserted in next post…and assembled with figurines, pebbles, seashells…to create a self-sustaining environment.

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More Terrariums

Found vases. Layers of gravel, charcoal, sand, soil, moss, small plants, pebbles, seashells, sea glass, figurines. Water with ice cubes infrequently.

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May 29, 2017 · 2:48 pm


Use recycled clear glass vases or fishbowls to create a mini-terrarium: layer pebbles, then moss. Sink a small jade plant or other succulent planted in a clear detergent top into the moss. Decorate with sea shells, small frog or lizard figurines. Water with a small ice cube weekly.


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Upcycled Soda Bottle Planters

Seltzer bottle, cut in half, holes poked, fishing line attached. Place dirt and coleus directly in planter or place another pot inside the bottle. These have lasted from September to March and the plants are still thriving!image

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March 14, 2017 · 12:49 pm

Crappy Crafters Make Earrings

The Crappy Crafters convened with crates of beading supplies this week to make earrings. If you want to make earrings, start saving up all your broken beaded bracelets and ask your friends to bring beads, wire, earring wires and some needle-nose pliers and little wire cutters. As a group, we aim to not buy supplies, but to shop our closets. This usually works pretty well. Lucie brought and possibly bought some inexpensive bracelets which you can see in the square beaded earrings in the picture. Susie made the inspired twisty wire earrings. Everyone had a go at twisting wire around an oval glass bead and stuffing the wire ends back inside the bead which you can see on the bottom left. If you make one of those, make sure you don’t skimp on the length of wire. More is better and trimming is easier than adding to the length, I realized after having a bit of a craft fail with that earring style (my fail not shown.)

So that’s it for this month’s Crappy Craft. Happy Crafting to all and Happy Spring! 

Crappy Crafter Earrings

Earrings made with bent wire & beads salvaged from old bracelets.

Crappy Crafters Create Earrings

Susie models the not-so-Crappy earrings


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Seaside Memories

Seashells from the seashore preserved in a baby food jar, a glass ball, and strung on a wire in the window above my drafting table remind me of a warm week in Florida – a brief escape from this cold, snowy NJ winter. 

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