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More Terrariums

Found vases. Layers of gravel, charcoal, sand, soil, moss, small plants, pebbles, seashells, sea glass, figurines. Water with ice cubes infrequently.

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May 29, 2017 · 2:48 pm

Crappy Crafters Make Earrings

The Crappy Crafters convened with crates of beading supplies this week to make earrings. If you want to make earrings, start saving up all your broken beaded bracelets and ask your friends to bring beads, wire, earring wires and some needle-nose pliers and little wire cutters. As a group, we aim to not buy supplies, but to shop our closets. This usually works pretty well. Lucie brought and possibly bought some inexpensive bracelets which you can see in the square beaded earrings in the picture. Susie made the inspired twisty wire earrings. Everyone had a go at twisting wire around an oval glass bead and stuffing the wire ends back inside the bead which you can see on the bottom left. If you make one of those, make sure you don’t skimp on the length of wire. More is better and trimming is easier than adding to the length, I realized after having a bit of a craft fail with that earring style (my fail not shown.)

So that’s it for this month’s Crappy Craft. Happy Crafting to all and Happy Spring! 

Crappy Crafter Earrings

Earrings made with bent wire & beads salvaged from old bracelets.

Crappy Crafters Create Earrings

Susie models the not-so-Crappy earrings


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Seaside Memories

Seashells from the seashore preserved in a baby food jar, a glass ball, and strung on a wire in the window above my drafting table remind me of a warm week in Florida – a brief escape from this cold, snowy NJ winter. 

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Glass Vases

The Crappy Crafters painted glass vases recently – you know those vases that lurk in every cabinet under the sink waiting like some plain Cinderella of the vase world for a bouquet? Well, we jazzed them up so much, they stand alone as objets d’art now.


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Classy Card Making Class

The Crappy Crafters took a class at the ‘Paper Source’ store and learned how to line envelopes, make a watermark and use embossing powder with a heat gun that heats to 500 degrees. The instructor was great, got through all the material in an hour and did not flinch at the thought of women who call themselves ‘Crappy’ handling that blow torch thingy. We came out unscathed and went off to dinner afterwords with our trove of very Classy looking cards. Could we become the Classy Crafters?

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August 12, 2014 · 9:51 pm

Welcome to our new blog

The Crappy Crafters have been  meeting and crafting for a few years now, but this is our first step into the wider world outside suburban New Jersey. We hope you enjoy our adventures. Be patient while we tinker with the website. Content will be added as soon as we can find it on our cameras, phones and Facebook pages. Meanwhile, pick up that old unfinished project of your own and take the Crappy Crafter pledge: I will craft and I will stop taking myself so seriously! The result may be surprisingly good. Or the result might be crappy.  Be sure to find some other Crappy Crafters to lift a glass with to toast the process, not the ending. Enjoy!


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P3 = Painted Pots with Pansies

CC potsThis was the Crappy Crafters very first project as I remember. We sponged acrylics onto terracotta pots using stencils, shaped sponges or freehand with brushes. We also hot-glued seashells, fake jewels and foam shapes onto the pots. Then filled with potting soil and pansies or other plants. Voila, a not-so-crappy craft. I posted this photo of the pots on the Crappy Crafter’s Pinterest board and it’s been repinned several times. Maybe it was ironic repinning, but still, repinning on Pinterest is almost as affirming as getting comments on a blog, isn’t it?

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