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Bird Houses

0DF12932-013F-482A-AAA0-98291E08944E We started the evening by going to a paint your own pottery place, but once again it was unexpectedly closed. We wrote about that in a previous post ‘Call First.’ So pizza box in hand, we went back to Lucie’s house which is miraculously always ready to host a craft event and serve a crowd. Thanks, Lucie! And Susie had been safekeeping the birdhouses she bought almost 2 years ago, so we plan crafts but sometimes it takes a few years to get to them. Everyone hoards craft kits and art supplies, right? This is normal.

Tonight, we are returning to the paint your own pottery place because hope prevails that one day they will be open in the evening. To be continued…


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May 6, 2018 · 10:31 pm

Venetian Masks

258a3058-da6c-4dc8-b8bd-353f56dc2f3a.jpegIf you visit Venice, you will see store after store window filled with carnival masks decorated with feathers and jewels and bright colors. Some stores offer mask painting workshops and some sell blank white masks. When a Crappy Crafter visits Venice, naturally she sees a crafting opportunity. Thanks to Devorah for bringing us ‘blanks’ to decorate. We think the results were worthy of wild pre-Lenten revels!

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Pom Pom Critters

You know those craft kits for kids, complete with ALL the supplies you will need and EASY instructions? And you know how you never want to read those instructions? Well we suspected we had been suckered into another craft debacle here at Crappy Crafters Central, but after making a few initial missteps and producing amusing piles of chopped up yarn that did not Pom Pom correctly, we successfully produced some cute little fuzzy critters. The usual application of wine with dinner and gelato afterwards either helped or maybe not.  Either the instructions were unclear or we were unclear. We were wrapping yarn around fork tines, which is surprisingly tricky, and ending up with yarny blobs when Devorah announced she has a Pom Pom MAKER at home. Ha ha. But where’s the fun in that? We like to do things the hard way for fun. I mean, otherwise we would just buy the stupid things and just eat and drink wine and forget the craft-making. Come to think of it, and not naming names, half of us gave up on the Pom Pom pets. Here are the results of the intrepid Pom Pom people- which means Susie and me. Not that I am competitive or anything. This is just for fun! Thanks to my daughter for the kit. She thinks it will relax me to do crafts. Right.

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More Terrariums

Found vases. Layers of gravel, charcoal, sand, soil, moss, small plants, pebbles, seashells, sea glass, figurines. Water with ice cubes infrequently.

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May 29, 2017 · 2:48 pm

Crappy Crafters Make Earrings

The Crappy Crafters convened with crates of beading supplies this week to make earrings. If you want to make earrings, start saving up all your broken beaded bracelets and ask your friends to bring beads, wire, earring wires and some needle-nose pliers and little wire cutters. As a group, we aim to not buy supplies, but to shop our closets. This usually works pretty well. Lucie brought and possibly bought some inexpensive bracelets which you can see in the square beaded earrings in the picture. Susie made the inspired twisty wire earrings. Everyone had a go at twisting wire around an oval glass bead and stuffing the wire ends back inside the bead which you can see on the bottom left. If you make one of those, make sure you don’t skimp on the length of wire. More is better and trimming is easier than adding to the length, I realized after having a bit of a craft fail with that earring style (my fail not shown.)

So that’s it for this month’s Crappy Craft. Happy Crafting to all and Happy Spring! 

Crappy Crafter Earrings

Earrings made with bent wire & beads salvaged from old bracelets.

Crappy Crafters Create Earrings

Susie models the not-so-Crappy earrings


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Seaside Memories

Seashells from the seashore preserved in a baby food jar, a glass ball, and strung on a wire in the window above my drafting table remind me of a warm week in Florida – a brief escape from this cold, snowy NJ winter. 

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Glass Vases

The Crappy Crafters painted glass vases recently – you know those vases that lurk in every cabinet under the sink waiting like some plain Cinderella of the vase world for a bouquet? Well, we jazzed them up so much, they stand alone as objets d’art now.


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