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Use recycled clear glass vases or fishbowls to create a mini-terrarium: layer pebbles, then moss. Sink a small jade plant or other succulent planted in a clear detergent top into the moss. Decorate with sea shells, small frog or lizard figurines. Water with a small ice cube weekly.



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Glass Painting

CC glass painting

‘Stained Glass’ Votive Holders

This post is about the wine glasses we painted. Or it will be as soon as I get a pic of them and think of clever stuff to write. Basically, just buy some cheap glassware, or reuse what you have or go to a thrift store and paint them with craft paint or glass paint. Done! Plus, bonus attribute – the more you drink, the more you don’t care that your wine glass is crappy looking. We recommend this project for crapfters of all levels.

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