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Terrarium: first steps

Large glass jar with a lid: layer with gravel, charcoal, sand, moss. Select succulents. Pot in small detergent cups. To be inserted in next post…and assembled with figurines, pebbles, seashells…to create a self-sustaining environment.


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More Terrariums

Found vases. Layers of gravel, charcoal, sand, soil, moss, small plants, pebbles, seashells, sea glass, figurines. Water with ice cubes infrequently.

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May 29, 2017 · 2:48 pm


Use recycled clear glass vases or fishbowls to create a mini-terrarium: layer pebbles, then moss. Sink a small jade plant or other succulent planted in a clear detergent top into the moss. Decorate with sea shells, small frog or lizard figurines. Water with a small ice cube weekly.


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Upcycled Soda Bottle Planters

Seltzer bottle, cut in half, holes poked, fishing line attached. Place dirt and coleus directly in planter or place another pot inside the bottle. These have lasted from September to March and the plants are still thriving!image

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March 14, 2017 · 12:49 pm

Pink Flamingo in the Snow

Lucie photographed the private lives of her garden ornaments during last winter’s terrible New Jersey snowmageddon and posted the heartbreaking scenes on Facebook – to much commenting and acclaim. There is something very sad about a plastic pink flamingo with icicles dripping from his beak, gradually being consumed by snow drifts. But it gets worse in Lucie’s backyard drama; soon all the garden ornaments succumbed to the raging blizzard. Here is the Crappy Crafter Collage response to the latest adventures of Pinky, the Joisey Flamingo.


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January 22, 2015 · 3:52 pm