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C4 = Crappy Crafting Closet Clutter

Last night’s Crappy Crafter project was painting and decorating an assortment of little wooden things that Anne  vaguely remembers buying at a craft store or thrift shop, or salvaging from here and there, and squirreling away in a closet for possible future use. There is a thin line between hoarding and crafting, she realizes. So the crappy crafting closet clutter was displayed on a utility table along with bins of beads, baubles, and paints; jars of brushes; and a basket of glue and hot glue guns for the crafters to choose from. After a fortifying meal of appetizers provided pot-luck style by the group, we elbowed our way to the best wooden doodad and got to work, always mindful that the wineglass must be placed on a level spot near to hand, but not near enough to be confused for the brush-cleaning water glass. Arranging one’s tools properly is paramount to any craft woman. The results speak for themselves. This is no how-to craft blog. Surely anyone can grab a brush, dip it in acrylic paint, daub a doodad, afix some other things with glue and simultaneously converse and drink, right? We set the bar low for technique and high for hijinks in this group. I will say that if you plan to splatter paint, it would be better to stay far away from the person wearing good, black dress slacks. And check your beverage for splatters before consuming. In fact just Google or search Pinterest for splattering precautions. It will be advised to place object to be splattered in a cardboard box to protect from splatters gone astray. Anne felt bad about Susan’s now orange-speckled slacks and even worse about her paint-infused wine. Crafting casualties can happen to anyone.

Closet clutter

Craft supplies

Painted wood

Wood Clipboards, Peg Racks, Doll Cupboard



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Tile Coasters: not crappy at all

One weekend recently, Devorah went to a country craft fair and seeing some tile coasters with wine label decorations had one  of those ‘aha’ moments characterized by the clearly recognizable cry of the Crappy Crafter in the Wild:

‘I could do that!’

She could and she did and she got the Crappy Crafters involved. Here’s how:

1. Devorah buys tiles at a local big box hardware store, and then scores some crafting goop (the kind that rhymes with’ hodge podge’.) She also buys little felt circles for ‘feet’ at a big chain craft store

2. On the big night of the coasters, crafters bring their own clip art or soaked-off wine labels. A word about soaking wine labels off of wine bottles. If you soak wine bottles in water, every third or fourth label will come off intact and the others will peel off in icky shreds. After cursing several icky soaked wine labels, I  ‘Googled’ the term ‘wine bottle labels’ and clicked ‘images’ and then printed out labels on my printer. Devorah’s husband R. advised us that beer labels come off bottles better than wine labels do, so we took his word for it and used some of his beer labels from exotic Hawaiian beers.

3. Take a tile. Spread goop on it and on back of label (or other paper image to be affixed to tile). Squish it down from center out. Wait. Spread 2 or 3 more layers of goop on top of tile after waiting for it to dry in between layers.

4. Affix little felt circles to the bottom of tile to protect your furniture.

5. Leave your tiles at Devorah’s house and she will finish them off by spraying with high gloss acrylic spray and give them to you next time you meet to craft.

Collaged coasters

6. There you have it! Thanks to Devorah and R. for their inspired idea and selfless drinking of exotic beer so we could use their beer labels.

Watch the slide show: Crappy Crafters Coasters.

Next we tried to get R’s sangria recipe out of him and it went something like this:

R’s Sangria for Crafters or Others –

Use white wine and cranberry vodka, not cranberry brandy, to flavor it…or was it the other way around? Oh well, just use your favorite sangria recipe and enjoy while crafting, but always remember, drink the beverage, but never so much that you start dipping your foam brush in the sangria and drinking the paint-brush water. And have a designated driver of course. All other passengers must hold craft supplies, and platters of food.


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