About us

the 4 c's

Anne, Patty, Devorah, Lucie

The True Story of the Crappy Crafters

This is the story of 4 suburban New Jersey women who dropped out of their book group. No more reading  ripped-from-the- headlines stories of siblings created for spare parts. No more historical fiction about Henry VIII’s wives.  Or leper colonies.  Or serial murderers. Or wives of famous men. Nope, no more angst about competitive drinks and snacks menus. Goodbye to our personal favorite book club activity:  getting caught in the crossfire between people who want to painstakingly go through the publisher’s “Reading Group Questions’ (aaagh!) and people who didn’t finish the book glaring at each other. No, no, and no. No more book club fun for this group.

This group of book club dropouts wants unapologetic social silliness, snacks, drinks, undirected conversations and, oh yes, a craft. Small problem,  none of the 4 thinks she is really very crafty.  Nevermind, the aptly titled ‘Crappy Crafters’ is called to order with a tap of the hot glue gun and a clink of wine glasses.

Crappy Crafters the next generation

Left to right: Susan, Addie, Jamie

This blog will chronicle our journey in which we discover that we really are competently crafty at times and when we’re not? Oh well, we had fun trying.

Discover your inner Crappy Crafter with us. You know you have one.

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2 responses to “About us

  1. Cousin Chrissy

    I want to join! I can make crappy crafts too! I could bring some crappy desserts along if you want me to!


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