Sock Snowfamily Update

Since posting the picture of the Sock Snow People on this blog (see previous post)  and on my Facebook page, it became clear that the Crappy Crafter followers are picking favorites among the Snow Gang.  There were allegations that some of the Sock Gang were snockered  and needed to have the keys to their sleigh confiscated. So a slight makeover was called for those who seemed to be leaning, or falling, over. First of all, I actually glued on their facial features after a few days so they would not shed eyes and carrot noses on the mantel. Then I added buttons for respectability. They are still without clothes other than hats and scarves, but the buttons suggest aspirations to proper attire. Finally, I gave them their own Christmas tree and a large ‘Brain’ coral to lean on hoping that some holiday spirit and IQ points might be attributed to them by association. But Momma’s dark glasses and the family’s  rakish tilt just won’t quit. “Happy holidays,” they seem to be saying, and “Sheers!” (Cheers, it’s just frozen mouth that makes them slur.)


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