Sock, not Sick, Snow People

The Crappy Crafters reunited last night to magically transform ordinary socks into snowmen. No sewing required – just snip the toe off the sock, tie one end of the main sock with string, stuff with batting, tie another string for the neck, pop the toe part of the sock on its head for a hat, make a scarf and features out of felt or ribbon, and that’s about it. Google or Pinterest the phrase ‘sock snowman’ for examples and instructions. At Crappy Crafters, we don’t follow instructions too closely, so we recommend other sources if you require details. Despite our casual attitude and application of a fair amount of sangria, the results look pretty cute, dontcha think? Wait! Are those snowmen snockered? Autocorrect insists these cute little things are ‘sick’ not ‘sock’ people. What’s up autocorrect?


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Filed under holiday crafts, kids crafts, upcycling

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