Craft Fail: Call First

Last night the Crappy Crafters had an evening of fun planned at the local paint-your-own pottery place. Intrepid crafters all, we trudged through the freezing drizzle only to find that the store was closed on Wednesday nights! Who knew? Not us because we didn’t call first. So then we went to the pizza place next door where we had planned to order pizza to eat while painting pottery, only to discover that the pizza place had tables for four people only. What to do? There were 6 of us. After a quick discussion of only 20 minutes or so, we repaired to a local American burger place which sports actual full-size tables and, bonus points, has a liquor license. When in doubt, eat. When plans are foiled, eat. When crafting, eat. You get the idea. So the moral of the story might be ‘call ahead’ or it might be ‘go with the flow.’ Next month: tile coasters with wine labels decoupaged onto them will be the project ‘du soir.’ There is also much talk of a duct tape craft, but we promise we will plan ahead, have our supplies at the ready and glue guns holstered. We will report back with the results of our next C2 adventure.

Meanwhile, happy first day of spring.Srping is sprung poster

I mean it, New Jersey, it’s spring… stop with the snow and the dreaded ‘wintry mix.’ We’ve had enough. I completely disagree with this morning’s Star Ledger article:

‘Worst Winter Ever, not by a long shot’


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