Dryerlint Dog

dryerlintdogIf you have a dog, you probably have dryerlint with actual dog hair in it. If you have raised kids, you may also have one of those make-your-own paper kits complete with a little deckle and mold somewhere in your house. Well, I do. You could say I have trouble throwing out ‘useful’ stuff,  so putting 2 and 2 together, I decided to make paper out of dryerlint. Then of course, it follows as night follows day, to cut that hairy paper into dog shapes and make greeting cards out of it. Right? Isn’t that how everyone thinks? I am still very flattered that my dryerlint dog cards were voted most creative and most disgusting one holiday season by a recipient. Above, you can see DD is sporting a festive candy foil collar for the season.

The Crappy Crafters have not yet made handmade paper, but if we do, I think we could incorporate all kinds of neat stuff into the paper –  pulp like flowers, seeds, or confetti made from those little circles from the paper punch. You do save those, right?

It’s about that time of year when Dryerlint Dog needs to be dressed up for the holidays. Let me get right to that. Right after I do a little vacuuming, er supply gathering.


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