Welcome to our new blog

The Crappy Crafters have been  meeting and crafting for a few years now, but this is our first step into the wider world outside suburban New Jersey. We hope you enjoy our adventures. Be patient while we tinker with the website. Content will be added as soon as we can find it on our cameras, phones and Facebook pages. Meanwhile, pick up that old unfinished project of your own and take the Crappy Crafter pledge: I will craft and I will stop taking myself so seriously! The result may be surprisingly good. Or the result might be crappy.  Be sure to find some other Crappy Crafters to lift a glass with to toast the process, not the ending. Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Welcome to our new blog

  1. Jo Ann

    Nice work.
    Love the motto!


  2. Pamela Sanders

    Great idea! I can’t wait for the pics of craft fails!


  3. Lucie

    Finished my “blanket” holes and all! Hurray! Now, Devorah, how do we make it not unravel????? Help me…….


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