Crochet Capers

crochet and the devilThe Crappy Crafters spotted a beautiful off-white crocheted throw elegantly diplayed on an ottoman at Devorah’s house so we decided to learn how to crochet. The group has now clearly been divided into two subgroups: those who take to crochet like a duck to yarn and those who, well, don’t. I don’t. Lucie posted this picture on Facebook to explain why these crochet creations just aren’t turning out for some of us. They say ‘the devil’s in the details’, but in the case of the Crochet Coverlet Caper, the devil is actually getting up at night to work on Lucie’s crochet project. Kind of like the shoemaker’s elves, only this non-elf likes to leave weird lumps and  bumps and he drops and adds random stitches, especially at the beginning and end of rows. The CC’s are having a remedial crochet evening soon. To be followed by a ritual burning of the projects should they not rapidly improve. We knew many of you would be looking for a rational explanation for why crochet projects fail. You’re welcome.


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