Clementine Box Shrines

Clementine boxesThe Clementine Box Shrine (hereafter CBS, no, not that one) was one of the Crappy Crafters’ first projects after the great book group schism*. We posted about the CBS’s on the hilarious blog CraftFail. Comments on that CraftFail post are still dribbling in at the mad pace of one a year. You can read the original story by clicking on the link below.

Why do we do terrible things to unsuspecting clementine boxes, you may ask? Well, one of the founding principles of the Crappy Crafters** is this existential question: we ask ourselves what can we do with all those useful-seeming bits of flotsam and jetsam we baby boomers all have around our houses? The socially aware word for reusing materials for crafts is upcycling; the artsy fartsey word might be vernacular or folk art. The CC word is, well, we don’t have a word, we just do. We experience. We see, we glue, we conquer. We hot-glue stuff to other stuff and amazingly lots of people want to know about this whole Crappy Crafter experience. We should make a kit. But here’s the scoop for free. Take a box, any box. Apply paint. Glue stuff onto it and in it. Put feet on it. Feet are always a nice addition. And remember ‘less is not more’. More is more in the CC universe. So there Mies!

Read the original Clementine Box story on Craft Fail

*Crappy Crafters as an entity was a spin-off from a local book group. See the ever-informative ‘About Us’ page for details of the great Book Group Breakup.

**CC Founding Principles = the first unwritten bylaw (see our ‘About Us’ page, look up, up, yes click on that tab) which is have fun and don’t take yourselves seriously, and two, do not assign reading, and three do not let lack of expertise stop you and four, don’t be such a darn perfectionist.


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