Dryerlint Dog Returns in the Great Declutter

Decluttering my piles of old artwork turned up my old friend Dryerlint Dog. His story appeared in the last post. The collage I found features four doggies. I affixed that smallish picture to a larger piece of corrugated cardboard and expanded the collage so that if fits in an old gilt frame I found. That’s a double win in the up cycling/decluttering game. Here is the finished project …

Collage of dogs
Dryerlint Dog Returns!, collage
Stair hallway with art
Dryerlint Dog collage on display

Dryerlint Dog is on display in the back stairwell hallway which I ragrolled and stenciled years ago. Now it houses my weird art.


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Dryerlint Dog

dryerlintdogIf you have a dog, you probably have dryerlint with actual dog hair in it. If you have raised kids, you may also have one of those make-your-own paper kits complete with a little deckle and mold somewhere in your house. Well, I do. You could say I have trouble throwing out ‘useful’ stuff,  so putting 2 and 2 together, I decided to make paper out of dryerlint. Then of course, it follows as night follows day, to cut that hairy paper into dog shapes and make greeting cards out of it. Right? Isn’t that how everyone thinks? I am still very flattered that my dryerlint dog cards were voted most creative and most disgusting one holiday season by a recipient. Above, you can see DD is sporting a festive candy foil collar for the season.

The Crappy Crafters have not yet made handmade paper, but if we do, I think we could incorporate all kinds of neat stuff into the paper –  pulp like flowers, seeds, or confetti made from those little circles from the paper punch. You do save those, right?

It’s about that time of year when Dryerlint Dog needs to be dressed up for the holidays. Let me get right to that. Right after I do a little vacuuming, er supply gathering.

PS: post first written in 2013, but never published

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Watercolor Valentines


Two Valentines: hearts painted on watercolor paper with inserts on light weight drawing paper.

Handmade Valentines
Two Valentines with inserts, watercolor

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Happy Valentines Day!

Hearts, watercolor
Hearts, watercolor
Valentines, watercolor and pastels
Petit fours, pastels
Petit Fours, pastels

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Happy Groundhog Day!

Watercolor of groundhogs
Groundhogs, watercolor in my sketchbook

Three groundhogs and a baby groundhog in the top hat frolic in a two page spread in my Pandemic Sketchbook 2021. After a record-breaking snowstorm in New Jersey, USA, sadly Mr. Groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter! Say it ain’t so!

Snow on an outside table
How much snow? Too much

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Groundhogs Day: February 2

We have a few more days to make a groundhog craft. Meanwhile, here’s my drawing of a grumpy groundhog from past years. I guess he saw his shadow.

Drawing of a groundhog
Grumpy Groundhog

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The Declutter Project: found art

Painting of a tomato
New Jersey Tomato, mixed media
Painting hung on stenciled wall
Found a place for my painting!

Decluttering continues and has recently moved into my arts and crafts studio area. I found my painting on cardboard of a Jersey tomato. It happened to fit perfectly into a recently unearthed raw pine frame. The challenge was to find a bit of wall space to hang this found art. Here you can see it in the stenciled hallway that I wrote about a while ago. The faux wall covers some damage to the old plaster wall. The stenciled little chalkboards to the right seem to bring a rustic vibe to this little entryway.


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Decluttering Kids’ Crafts

It is so difficult to part with kids’ arts and crafts projects. I sorted through two boxes of painted plaster and pottery figurines and school assignments. So two boxes became a small pile of favorites that I assembled for a photo shoot and then painted as a still life in my new sketchbook.

Still life of kids’ crafts
Still life of decluttered kids’ crafts, watercolor

I could not part with the brightly colored dinosaur, so I paired it with one of my old collages.

Flower collage and plaster dinosaur paired in wall display
Plaster dinosaur paired with framed collage

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When a Crafter Declutters

Piles of stuff to throw away
2021 Decluttering Project

New years seem to call for new projects: out with the old and in with the new. So I started a declutter challenge with a crafty friend. Each week, the night before trash collection day, we will text each other a photograph of a bag of stuff we are throwing out, giving away, or recycling. Wish us luck and Happy New Year!

So far I have:

Thrown out lots of my hoarded greeting cards and Xmas cards

Recycled old nursing notes I found in a milk crate. Not mine.

Gone through all my office supplies and thrown away dead pens and markers

Tidied up my art travel kits supplies, but tossing out very little

Made a pile of books and other things for a local online free market.

My house is somewhat tidier with things neatly stowed in boxes with similar items, but only two bags and a pile of recycling have gone out the door. Hmmm. I think going through boxes of Christmas decorations should be next. I dream of a huge bonfire for stuff so I won’t be tempted to put them back in the house.

New Year’s Bonfire

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The Tale of Three Christmas Wreaths

Two Christmas wreathes on front door
Two Christmas Wreathes on the Front Door
Snowy front porch
Snowed in Front Porch with Christmas Wreath

The store-bought pine cone wreath for my front door gets mended and amended each year. The clothes pin wreath was a gift from a Crappy Crafter friend, so I hung it below the pine cone wreath. Each clothes pin is decorated with washi tape and clipped to a wire wreath frame. The yew wreath on the front porch chair looks beautiful after a recent snow storm. Merry Christmas!

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