Crappy Crafter Auxiliary: Pam steps up

The Crappy Crafters has a nationwide auxiliary* now that Pandemic Rock Painting is a huge fad and we are all stuck at home trying to find fun activities to cheer us up. Our zany bunch of New Jersey crafters welcomes my old friend Pam from California. When we distance, we really distance. Even though we are all way more than six feet apart now, thanks to technology and social media, we can enjoy Pam’s beautiful animal-painted rocks.

Owl painted on a rock
Opulent Golden State Owl
Mouse painted on a rock
Love this meeces to pieces
Gopher painted on a rock
Gopher in the Garden

An avid gardener, Pam has had a contentious relationship with tunneling California gophers over the years. Maybe that’s why this stone gopher portrait looks a bit scheming? The California owl looks suitably gilded for Gold Rush Country. And we love that meeces to pieces! Kudos to Pam on her first foray into rock painting. We raise our Crappy hand-painted wineglasses in a toast: to Pam and to being together soon!

*ok, two auxiliary crapfters so far, thanks to my endless nagging on Facebook. Thanks to Pam and Susan for stepping up!

Hand painted wine glasses
Hand-painted wine glasses

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Outside Spaces for #Saferathome

Backyard with table and chairs at night
Edison lights in the backyard
Birdhouses hung on a shed wall
Birdhouses on the shed

Crappy Crafters are making their outside spaces welcoming. If one painted birdhouse is charming, a gallery wall of birdhouses is even better, Lucie decided. She has been a bundle of crafty energy since #saferathome started in March in New Jersey, USA. Here are some beautiful results of her hard work! Most of us feel it is safe enough to entertain a few friends outdoors at a distance of six feet and/or masked, so living rooms and dining rooms have moved outside this summer. Will we be out there in our parkas this winter? Probably. I see fire pits in our future…

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Pandemic cult: rock painting redux

I thought if I stopped painting rocks I would get back to daily sketching, but no. Now I’m just goofing around blogging and making photo collages LOL.

Painted rocks
Painted rocks, acrylic on…stone

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BC Reposting: Ceramic painting evening

The CC’s recently zoomed which was fun but not quite as much fun as the BC CC’s. I was thinking back fondly of the Before Pandemic and Stay at Home times when the Crappy Crafters used to meet, craft, eat and drink In Person! Here is a post from two June’s ago… not my finest writing, but we had a good time painting pottery.

“The Crappy Crafters recently went to a shop that offers ceramic painting. The shop sells a variety of green ware, supplies the glazes and brushes, and fires the finished projects. We bought pizza from the restaurant next door, brought drinks and set to work. Here are the results after firing.”

Small blue bowl

Small Bowl

Snack tray

Snack Tray

Susie’s Elephant Platter

Elephant plate

Bumble Bee plate

Bumble Bee Plate

related post: Call first

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Painted Rocks again and again

Rock painted as a scarab beetle
Scarab Beetle
Rock painted with flowers

I’m hooked on finding little stones on my walks, soaking and scrubbing them, painting them, putting them outside, posting on Pinterest …I even encourage friends and family on video calls to take up this Pandemic Past Time. I’m a Painted Rock proselytizer. There are worse habits, right?

Day lilies
Day lilies
Three goldfish
Three Goldfish
Two goldfish
Two Goldfish
Frog in a pond
Fleur the Frog

Rock painting – pros and cons:

Not fattening (do not eat them, see cons below)

Very inexpensive supplies

Can be done inside in air conditioning

Make weird gifts $$$$

Suitable activity for adults and children

Cons – Safety warning: do not throw rocks at anyone and do not drop large rocks on your toes and do not eat rocks or paint. Duh 🙄

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Crappy Crafters at home: what Martha painted

Poppies, acrylics
Painting of flowers
Floral Pattern, acrylics

Martha dipped her toe into painting on canvas with acrylics with these two beautiful floral designs. The Crappy Crafters are staying at home right now, but we had a Zoom video meeting today to catch up. Next for Martha: painting rocks. We look forward to seeing those small masterpieces!

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Crappy Crafters at a distance: what Lucie made

Container garden
Painted Table near the container garden

Lucie told a vivid tale of spray paint shortages, but the rusty old table and chairs look lovely in teal now. The seats were reupholstered with an ‘old hippie skirt.’ The family container veggie garden can be seen here too.

Inside out baby quilts
Rainbow of baby quilts

Lucie is a whiz at quilting and turned out an array of baby quilts. The Crappy Crafters first made exposed seam flannel quilts a few years ago. Babies love to feel the fuzzy edges . Lucy carries on the not so crappy quilting efforts. Lucky babies!

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Stay at Home: painting an old kiddie table

Continuing the theme of making my outdoor spaces as comfortable and welcoming as possible, I keep adding Crappy Crafting touches to my front porch and deck. If people visit, we can sit outside at that very important six foot distance, rain or shine. Someone gave me an old children’s play table years ago and it has been gathering dust in my basement. So now seemed like the time to have some fun with it. I used acrylic craft paint on a white latex house paint base coat.

Painting a child’s table
Step 1: Starting the table painting
Painting a sun on a child’s table
Step 2: Clouds Added
Small table painted with the sun
Here Comes the Sun! Finished table!

Hand painted Table on front porch
Sunny Table on the Porch

The orange and blue of the sun and sky just happen to pick up the colors in the fish pillow. Celebrate the happy accident!

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Venetian Masks revisited

Painted Venetian masks

Painted White Venetian Masks

If you visit Venice, you will see store after store window filled with carnival masks decorated with feathers and jewels and bright colors. Some stores offer mask painting workshops and some sell blank white masks. When a Crappy Crafter visits Venice, naturally she sees a crafting opportunity. Thanks to Devorah for bringing us ‘blanks’ to decorate. We think the results were worthy of wild pre-Lenten revels!

Pandemic update: I am reposting this craft because masks have taken on a whole new meaning these days while fighting the coronavirus. When I visited Venice a couple of years ago, I took this picture of plague masks on display in the train station gift shop. The long beak would have been stuffed with herbs to disguise the smells of the plague or maybe even in hopes of warding off the disease.

Venetian plague masks

Venetian Plague Masks

Fox and a man wearing a Mardi Gras mask

Fox and Man Wearing a Mardi Gras Mask: what I saw during my stay at home walks

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So a Shark Walked into a Dentist’s Office

Q: How do you clean a shark’s teeth?

A: Very carefully!

I found this cartoon that my son made in elementary school, while going through old boxes of school stuff in an attempt to declutter my house. Obviously this is a keeper. Note the TNT strapped to the helicopter.

Pandemic Update: I might be in the minority, but I miss going to my dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Many dentists have closed their practices because of the pandemic and are slowly reopening now. Maybe the method we see here would keep dentists safe from their patients. Minus the TNT though LOL

Shark dentistry, a cartoon

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