Upcycled Bird Bath: post 101!

Bird bath
Birdbath in the garden

WordPress told me I have achieved a bloggy milestone of sorts. There are 100 Crappy Crafter posts. So for our 101st creative effort, I offer the Upcycled Bird Bath! The white plastic pot is a faux concrete pot that really looks like the cheap plastic that it is. I have held it over the recycling can many times, but always granted it a reprieve from the threat of either landfill or recycling center. So when I spotted a a really vivid orange plastic daisy bowl (or platter?) in the supermarket, I just knew it had the potential of being a bird bath. So, as Crappy Crafty thinking tends to wander around the brain until a truly frugal, creative, and above all, easy project emerges…I boldly plunked the bowl on top of the pot and filled it with water. The next step was reading a bunch of articles about where to locate a birdbath. This woodsy corner of my garden near ferns and a pot of mint seemed lovely. Unfortunately, the birds are avoiding the bird bath in droves. Either they party in it when I’m not looking or they did not read those articles about where to put a birdbath. So for all you birdies who followed the 100 blog posts, please advise. Is the color too frightening? Thank you.

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Crappy Crafters Meet Again! 3-D Cards

The Crappy Crafters have always met on an irregular basis. Covid made scheduling in-person meetings even more difficult. We zoomed. We met outside. We walked. None of those venues were conducive to crafting, although the social aspects were fun. We have managed in the Spring of 2022 to corral the group into a few Happy Hour meetings at neighborhood restaurants. Finally, we met at a crafter’s home and set to work on little wooden boxes and blocks which we collaged. Fun, and pizza and wine, was had by all.

Decoupaged boxes and Wood “Cards”

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Then and now: pictures

Pictures of garden in summer and in the snow
Then and Now

I got a small point and shoot camera for Christmas. I had grand ideas of taking great landscape pictures to base my paintings on, but it has been so cold that it kind of takes the fun out of having a new toy. I persevered until my point and shoot finger, dried out and wrinkled from the cold, could not authenticate on my iPhone. Really. I had to reset my fingerprint for authentication. Is this a thing? I think so.

Small snowman
Tiny Snowman
Firepit in the snow
The Fire Pit in Winter

Meanwhile, the Crappy Crafters seem to be holed up each in their separate cozy homes keeping warm all by themselves. We are expecting a snowmageddon this weekend or possibly not, depending on which weather forecast app you read: the USA model, the European model, or the Apocalyptic model. We plan to celebrate around the fire pit at some point. Not this point however. It’s too cold.

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More Scenes from Christmas

Christmas decorations
Christmas Decorating in Excess
A dusting of snow on Christmas Eve morning
A Kind of Snowy Christmas Eve Morning

No ornament or string of lights was safe from my feverish search through my house, garage, attic and every box and trunk and drawer . The result? A very festive house, inside and out. Then on Christmas Eve morning, there was a dusting of snow here in New Jersey. I made a tiny snowman. He lived a brief, but memorable life on my deck rail.

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Scenes from Christmas

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Upcycling Christmas Wrapping Paper

Collage of winter trees made with wrapping paper
Sketchbook Collages

Christmas wrapping paper is so beautiful, it’s difficult to throw away. Like many crafters, I tend to save (horde?) useful-looking bits and bobs for future projects. Storage for all that stuff is a whole other topic, but I had a small pile of gift paper leftovers after wrapping presents a few days ago, so I turned them into winter scenes in my sketchbook. This would be an easy project for kids. Materials: paper, scissors, glue sticks. Optional: crayons for crayon resist effect and watercolors.

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Christmas Card Crafting in Black and White

Drawing of a rose
Winter Rose

This rose was blooming in December in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA a few years ago. It seemed appropriate to put it on my yearly Christmas card. This is a pen and ink drawing. The pink petals and green greetings were added using Photoshop.

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Christmas Card Crafting

Christmas card of reindeer
Reindeer in the snowy pine wood

One year I received a small wooden box of seasonal stamps and a stamp pad for Christmas. I happily stamped away to make Christmas cards, gift tags and wrapping paper. A fun craft for kids and adults!

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Painted Rock Village

Uber stops at this fairy village
Candy Store and grazing pasture

The Pandemic painted rock village expanded in 2021 and neighborhood children stop by to play with it and moves things around. One little girl said it’s fine that they only have a candy store and a toy store. What else do elves need?

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Dryerlint Dog Returns in the Great Declutter

Decluttering my piles of old artwork turned up my old friend Dryerlint Dog. His story appeared in the last post. The collage I found features four doggies. I affixed that smallish picture to a larger piece of corrugated cardboard and expanded the collage so that if fits in an old gilt frame I found. That’s a double win in the up cycling/decluttering game. Here is the finished project …

Collage of dogs
Dryerlint Dog Returns!, collage
Stair hallway with art
Dryerlint Dog collage on display

Dryerlint Dog is on display in the back stairwell hallway which I ragrolled and stenciled years ago. Now it houses my weird art.


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